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School of Counseling Master's Program

School of Counseling

Imagine if you had the true answers from the Bible to help people who struggle with depression, bitterness, anger issues, suicidal thoughts, demonic oppression, schizophrenia, spiritual bondage and much more...

Here at Harvest Baptist Bible College we see a hurting and broken world that is full of hate, bondage, sin, and oppression. We also understand that the problems of this world are not flesh and blood battles and problems but rather a spiritual war "...against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

- Ephesians 6:12

The teachings of spiritual warfare and spiritual warfare counseling that are taught at Harvest Baptist Bible College and are a part of the School of Counseling Masters Program is a unique and dynamic facet of our ministry. Our goal is to equip Christians to be able to help the lost world and other believers find true freedom through Jesus Christ and his freedom principles.

What is included in the School of Counseling

The King James Bible is the cornerstone of this curriculum. God is the source of all wisdom and His Word is His primary tool. DVD's of Pastor Marvin Smith's spiritual warfare messages constitute half of the programs units of study. Books that give insight to spiritual warfare teaching have also been selected to complete this program. We have developed workbooks that correspond with each of these DVDs and books to enhance the student's understanding of the materials. The following is a list of DVDs and books that are used.

DVDs by Pastor Smith:
The Weapon of Wisdom  
•  The Authority of the Believer  •  Closing the Doors
The Foundation for Schizophrenia/Cutting and Pining Away

The Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson  •  Reclaiming Surrendered Ground by Jim Logan
Deadly Emotions by Dr. Don Colbert  •  Demons in the World Today by Merrill Unger

Financial Information

Payment options are as follows:
Eight installments of $110.00 ($880.00 total/ 4 credits per installment) 

or one-time payment of $800.00
* If pursuing a degree, the expense of corresponding books for four of the units are not included in
curriculum cost. The cost of the DVDs are included.
* If you wish to purchase the program only for your own growth and enrichment, the cost is $40.00 per workbook.

* If you choose to participate in the commencement service of Harvest Baptist Bible College there will be an additional $75 fee.

Program Structure

With each installment, you will receive one workbook representing four credits. Each of these workbooks can be done at your own pace. Any credits earned may be applied to either a Masters Degree in Spiritual Warfare Counseling, or an Associates or Bachelors Degree offered through Harvest Baptist Bible College.

Degree Opportunities

Masters Program
Complete this School of Counseling program and you can receive a Masters Degree in
Spiritual Warfare Counseling from Harvest Baptist Bible College. This will require the fulfillment of the prescribed eight units of study and a 12,000 word thesis. Acceptance into this program requires a
Bachelors degree.

Certificate in Spiritual Warfare Counseling
Complete this School of Counseling program and you can receive a Spiritual Warfare
Counseling certificate from the Harvest Baptist Bible College. This will require the completion of the prescribed eight units of study. These credits may be used toward a Bachelors or Associates degree from Harvest Baptist Bible College.

Anyone can apply for the Spiritual Warfare Counseling Correspondence program. To apply online today, click here or visit the online application page and follow the listed steps. For more information about the program, you can contact the college office by emailing or by filling out the form on the contact us page of this website.

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