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About HBBC

Harvest Baptist Bible College is a independent Baptist Bible college

Harvest Baptist Bible College is located in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and is a ministry of Harvest Baptist Church.  Since 1998, this institution has been preparing young men and women to minister unto the Lord as He has called them. Many of our graduates are actively serving in the ministry as pastors, missionaries, teachers, evangelists, and committed church members all across the United States and the world. In a family-like atmosphere, we provide diverse, practical, Biblical instruction to prepare each student for a broad spectrum of service. It is our goal that all students will experience growth in faith, knowledge, and depth of commitment to follow the Lord in His chosen path for their lives. The ministry of Harvest Baptist Church gives our students many opportunities to put their training to use as they are receiving instruction. With a heavy emphasis on internship, we strive to display the rigors, challenges, joys, and trials of the crucified life. We feel this prepares them in the most efficient way to ramp up into service beyond their training time, with little needed adjustment.   

Our Purpose


Our goal is to provide a Christ-centered, well-rounded atmosphere for each student. We are training preachers, godly laymen, and spiritual women to meet the needs of a hurting world. Building Bible-believing, fundamental, separated, soul winning churches is God’s plan to accomplish this goal.


Our Motivation

Harvest Baptist Bible College is not interested in earthly kingdom building for the praise of men. We provide at a very minimal expense to the students, solid Bible training for men and women who desire to serve the Lord with their lives. We operate by faith setting an example for those who train here. Support from the student’s home church is encouraged and greatly appreciated!

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