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Academic Information

At Harvest Baptist Bible College we work diligently to provide courses of study that are academically challenging, yet practical and useful. Our faculty members are well-trained and experienced in their fields of study. Each area of academic discipline has an emphasis in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Spiritual Warfare Counseling.  

Our degrees are not meant to compete with those earned in liberal arts fields of expertise.  Rather, our emphasis is on the ministry aspect of offering Biblical solutions to Spiritual issues that address the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. Students at HBBC will have the opportunity to pursue an Associates degree, a Bachelors Degree, or a Masters Degree.




All Bachelors Degrees offered at Harvest Baptist Bible College will be Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Spiritual Warfare Counseling. The College offers degrees in the following majors:

Bachelors of Science Degrees:

• General Christian Studies

• Pastoral Theology

• Assistant Pastoral

• Education

• Missions

• Evangelism

Associates Degrees:

• General Studies

• Biblical Studies

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Practical Instruction

To complete their degree, all students seeking to obtain a Bachelors of Science degree are required to complete 16 credit hours as an internship in a nearby church, on the mission field, or as a student-teacher in Harvest Baptist School.

Distanced Learning

Harvest Baptist Bible College does not currently offer distanced learning options for Bachelors of Science or Associates Degrees. We do offer a Masters Degree

via correspondence.

Distanced Learning

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