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Cost to Attend Harvest Baptist Bible College

Students are responsible to pay $2,150 per semester, which covers all expenses. The full tuition and room and board can be paid in full upon enrolling. Students who wish to make payments must pay $1,500 at the beginning of each semester. The remaining $650 is split into two equal payments. This, by no means covers the full cost of the program. Harvest Baptist Bible College is a “shared faith” institution. HBBC leadership actively partners in faith-filled prayer with our students for God’s blessing to meet the remaining need.

Work Scholarship

Students who pay the full $2,150 at the beginning of each semester are eligible to participate in work scholarship. Those enrolled in work scholarship have the opportunity to earn a $50 refund per week worked which can be paid in cash or credit towards your next semester


Book costs and class fees are included in the $2,150 paid each semester.

Financial Obligations for Withdrawal

Any student who is expelled or who withdraws, for any reason, must pay the full amount which was due for the current semester. All fees are non-refundable.


Recruitment Scholarship

Any student who recruits a student to attend Harvest Baptist Bible College will receive 20% off their school bill per student recruited, the semester the new student enrolls. This scholarship will be applied the semester a new students attends and will be available up to 100% off of a school bill.

Christian Workers Scholarship

Any student who is a child of a pastor, missionary, or full-time Christian worker will receive 20% off their first semester school bill at Harvest Baptist Bible College.

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