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A Word from our Pastor

Dear Friend,

One of the great challenges for young people today is to be ready to minister in a world that is totally dysfunctional. The issues they will face in the ministry are not the same as those of the past. We all know that we are dealing with a greater breakdown of the family unit. We are also dealing with great levels of abuse, mental illness, and emotional illness. Theses are the last days, and the enemy of our lives has intensified his efforts to destroy believers.

Young people need a place to go when they can prepare for the spiritual war that is being inflicted upon the saints by the Devil, himself. Harvest Baptist Bible College, as a ministry of Harvest Baptist Church, is that place. Intercessory prayer is the top priority with over 120 scheduled prayer meetings taking place each month. Here, students learn first-hand what it means to trust God to supply for need by faith through prayer: both their own personal needs and the need of the entire ministry. 

Harvest Baptist Bible College is sending out pastors, teachers, missionaries, and youth workers across the United States and around the world. Every semester we are offering a full schedule of instruction that students will need to be able to minister for this complex world, whether on the foreign field or in America.

I am more excited than ever about what the Lord, God Almighty, is doing through the ministry of Harvest Baptist Bible College. If you desire the opportunity to see God work in a dynamic way, this is the place for you

Come See!

Pastor Marvin E. Smith III


Pastor Marvin E. Smith III

Founder and President





Pastor Marvin Smith III


President of HBBC


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Ignite Youth Missions Conference

Ignite YMC is an annual presentation of realistic training for mission work. The conference targets teens while their hearts are tender. Our college students are integrally involved in every aspect of this conference, from planning to presentation.  They are featured as mentors and leaders by design, to demonstrate to those attending the practical ways God can use every person in the work of missions, at home and abroad, at any age!